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To whom ?

Certain periods of life, certain professions or certain sports are conducive to the overuse of joints and muscles or the adoption of unappropriate gestures and postures.



Excellent gentle practitioner and listening to her patients. She has relieved my pain very effectively. Very good contact with children, mine are always happy to go! I recommend with my eyes closed.

Anne-Laure S.

Pregnant women :

With pregnancy leading to many physiological, emotional and structural changes, chiropractic supports you in these changes to improve your quality of life and serenely consider childbirth.

Children and new borns :

Childbirth, motor development, walking, falls, carrying a backpack and growing up are all stress and changes that chiropractic offers you support and supports from an early age in order to promote the good locomotor development of your child.

Adults and seniors :

Daily stress, bad gestures, unappropriate postures, tiredness, trauma, diet, social and family conditions, the body naturally tends to wear out and become fragile face to these stresses, it is so necessary to treat the various evils and to limit the stiffness. Chiropractic ensures and maintains the overall functioning of your body.

Athletes :

Repetitive shocks, stiffness, bad gestures, accumulation of poorly treated injuries, chiropractic improves muscle and joint recovery, prevents and treats injuries, optimizes performance.


Chiropractic is recommended for all ages, to persons who wish to regain a good health and persons who wish to remain so.

Candice is listening to her patient. She has been able to solve the problems I was dragging along and get back in order to resume the sport!.

Antonin G.

Very attentive to his patients. After having skimmed many physiotherapists, osteo and other sophrologists, I finally found the cure for my pains. Sweet and very effective, she was able to get me back on my feet in a few sessions... well-being and peace of mind. To consult urgently.

Philippe M.

Super chiropractor, very professional.Listening, very comfortable for optimal care! It details all the manipulations so that we are not afraid of movements. She was able to relieve my pain and correct what I did not suspect. I strongly advise this chiropractor!!!

Francis R.

Chiropracteur Nice - Candice Lelievre - Chiropraxie


First consultation : 60€

Follow-up : 50€

Sunday : 70€

Payment by check or cash

Cared by some insurance company 

Chiropracteur Nice - Candice Lelievre - Chiropraxie